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    Allie Harrison Imaghodor, Executive Director and Xander’s Mom

    Allie affectionately defines herself as a professional volunteer. Serving her community has always been her passion. After spending years serving on various boards in different capacities in Birmingham, she had the courage to start her own non-profit agency sparked by her passion for advocacy. Becoming a mother to a micro-preemie challenged her in every way imaginable. XVI was born out of her love for her son, and the desire to help families experience less headaches and heartache while trying to obtain the necessary therapies for their children to thrive.

    Fun Facts: Allie loves to cook, dance, and plan parties!

    Oz Imaghodor, Advocacy Director and Xander’s Dad

    Oz is an engineer by day and a superstar proud father, day and night. Born to Nigerian immigrant parents in Birmingham, he has always been passionate about adequate access and opportunity for all. Once he became a father, a new hope was sparked to advocate for parents and their children. Oz brings his savvy business mindset and drive for success to help lead XVI in our mission.

    Fun Facts: Oz also has a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology. He loves podcasts and fantasy football.

    Xander Vance Imaghodor, the inspiration behind XVI

    Xander was born at 23 weeks in the summer of 2015. After spending a challenging 133 days in the NICU, we thought we were home free! However, we encountered twists and turns at every step. Xander was healthy at discharge and required no medical interventions, but we knew the importance of Early Intervention to help keep him on track, due to his extended NICU stay. As Xander approached 3 years of age, he was diagnosed with a Global Developmental Delay which is a delay in all areas of development. Currently Xander has the most significant delays in speech and language communication, as well as a fine motor delay. But, Xander is more than a diagnosis. He is a smart, funny and dynamic little boy who loves water, music and dancing. It was through Xander that Allie and Oz understood how biased the world can be depending on a diagnosis.