VBAS is an organization that wants to share resources and educate any astronomer, and this page contains many resources for astronomers of any level to find something for them. Browse below to discover what VBAS can teach you today.

Conditions Information

An ephemeris gives the positions of celestial objects at regular intervals throughout a period. This page is where astronomers can check on the conditions of the sky for viewing and the positions of the sun nad moon.

Online Resources

Astoronomical Links
Find astronomical organizations' websites, educational links, magazines to subscribe to, and retailers to find your first telescope or your next accessory for a current one!

Society Information

Reasons to Join
VBAS is always looking to welcome new astronomers into its membership. If you're interested in joining a community of people that share your passion, check out our Reasons to Join page and sign up today!
A Societal History
Learn about how VBAS started with a few high school students, a passion, and Dr. Wernher von Braun in a timeline of VBAS history.
Members and Certifications Archive
Discover more about VBAS's past with a list of charter members and past presidents, and learn about the Messier Certification and see the VBAS members who have received it.
Multimedia Archive
Discover more about VBAS's past and experience some of the memories of how it began with audio recordings, commentaries, and image slideshows from the early days of the Rocket City Astronomical Association (now VBAS).