VBAS members, this is the page to find all of the resources you might need!

Conditions Information

Check sky conditions, the moon phase, SOHO Continuum image, and solar-terrestrial data to keep up with your deep-sky exploration.

Astronomy Links and FTP Server

Astoronomical Links
Find astronomical organizations' websites, magazines to subscribe to, and vendors to get the best accessories for your telescopes!
FTP Server

Upload your images to share with others!

Society Information

User Manuals
Access the user manuals for our VBAS telescopes.
Consitution and Bylaws
Review VBAS's legislature and officer responsibilities.
Members and Certifications Archive
Re-discover VBAS's past with charter members and past presidents, and see the VBAS members who have received the Messier Certification.
Multimedia Archive
Remember the past and explore the foundations of VBAS with audio recordings, commentaries, and image slideshows from the early days of the Rocket City Astronomical Association and VBAS.