Reasons to Join VBAS

Whether you prefer exploring our universe in a group or by yourself, joining the Von Braun Astronomical Society has enormous benefits! If you have any further questions about VBAS or its Membership, please contact us and use the subject line “Membership.”

Sharing Knowledge

As a VBAS member, you’ll have opportunities to learn about Astronomy from professional and passionate astronomers alike, and you will also have a chance to share your own knowledge with others at various Member and Public events.


Being a part of VBAS includes a variety of discounts and free opportunities.


VBAS members have access to all that the VBAS facilities have to offer!

How to Join


There are two ways to join the Von Braun Astronomical Society.

  1. By Mail
    1. Complete our Membership application
    2. Include your check and send to:
      Von Braun Astronomical Society
      Attention: Membership Secretary
      P.O. Box 1142
      Huntsville, AL 35807
  2. Using Square Marketplace