Our Mission

VBAS is a non-profit volunteer organization of amateur and professional astronomers. In addition to operating our planetarium and observatories located in Monte Sano State Park just east of Huntsville, Alabama, we also conduct side walk astronomy events in conjunction with several local community events such as "Concerts In The Park".



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“Astronomy has always occupied a place of distinction among the intellectual pursuits of man. Not only is it the oldest and purest of all sciences; it is also that science which is able, more than any other science, to give its followers a realistic feeling for man’s place in the universe.”

-Dr. Ernst Stuhlinger


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Whenever we have out-of-town guests, we bring them to VBAS whether there is a cloud cover or not. The presentations and stories of the constellations are worth the price of admission.

- Amy Vaughn Melton

I have had a family membership since 2013. I love this place! The people are so helpful with identifying sky objects and the programs are always interesting. My kids have enjoyed it and many Sat. nights I've gone alone just to relax and view the skies!

- Freeman Elsie

Nice place for star gazing in Huntsville, cost is cheap mere $5. Must visit place during night times one who has fond of watching stars.

- Aniket Maharanwar